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At THB we are lucky enough to offer a huge range of programs to help people from all walks of life. We can help from post-op treatment to cardiac rehab... you name it, we can help.

GP Referral Scheme

With our GP referral program we can help with losing weight, de-stressing, lowering blood pressure, regulating diabetes and much much more. 


The program lasts for 8 weeks and you will receive 2 tailored exercise sessions per week... all for only £120.00 


To start now give Contact us at THB... 

Weight Loss

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Sports Injury Clinic

Here at The Health Boutique we are lucky to have specialist staff offering help for those sports injurys, or just a massage after your sporting event.




Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Sports Massage



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Oracle Wellbeing
Life Coaching &

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Team THB


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